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Chocolates with national symbols “Paraguay Independiente”, unique in the world

A company, which was born during the pandemic, created a collection of chocolates with designs of national symbols. The drawings were made by hand by a Paraguayan artist.

Creativity and chocolate merged to give birth to Bombones Paraguay Independiente, a limited edition collection, a work of art – which in its designs – reflects the essence of our country.

The couple made up of José Coronel and Gabriela Gali, are the promoters of the Wisner company and with the help of the artist Lili Cantero, they created a product that is unique in the world.

José Coronel explained in contact with HOY/Nación Media that each box contains 12 chocolates filled with a selection of 4 flavors: dulce de leche, pistachios, mburucuyá and red fruits and raspberries. Each chocolate was hand painted by the artist.

“We believe that we are the first to make fine chocolates with hand-painted artwork on each one and with a high level of detail.” In this sense, they indicated that they are proud of the final result, because the process was arduous until they found the perfect technique that included the artist’s fine brushes, her delicate strokes with a great level of detail in each chocolate.

The chocolates are totally edible, since the paint used is made from high-quality cocoa. Meanwhile, the process of painting each tablet took approximately 5 hours, while for the preparation of the final chocolates, about 18.

The national symbols that each chocolate carries are the Paraguayan Flag, the Shield, the Guaraní Lion, the Mburucuyá flower, the railway, the ñanduti, the House of Independence, and others.

For her part, Lili Cantero, expressed in contact with our media that it was a totally new experience for her, since she had to create works of art for chocolates.

He explained that the paint they used to create each work was based on cocoa butter, which behaves differently from conventional paint, so it was a process of trial and error until the correct technique was reached to paint so many details. on the molds.

“I am a person who loves a challenge and working with Wisner on this collection was really a challenge and I am very happy with the results,” she said.

For people who wish to purchase the product, they can contact: (0986) 799-774.

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