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Margarita is opposed to modifying the Constitution

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Margarita is opposed to modifying the Constitution

The debate continues in the country about a possible modification to the Constitutionsomething that is opposed by some sectors, especially politicians of the opposition. The initiative is from the President of the Republic, Louis Abinader.

This Wednesday, the former Vice President of the Republic and candidate for the presidential candidacy of the opposition Dominican Liberation Party joined the group that rejects this possibility (PLD), Daisy flower Cedeno. He described the attempt as “outrageous” and assured that his position has always been the same, “in any space I have been.”

The politicsmember of the Political Committee of the PLD and former first lady of the Republic as well, stated that the Magna Carta cannot be modified “every time we come up with an idea that seems brilliant.”

“Of course, gentlemen, it is outrageous to think that we must modify the Constitution and that has always been my way, let’s say emphatically, my position in any space I’ve been. We cannot be modifying the Constitution every time we come up with an idea that seems brilliant,” she said when approached by the press.

Cedeño referred to the issue after an act in which his presidential candidacy received the support of 300 members of the movement “External Sector Daisy flower”, coordinated by the member of the Political Committee Armando García. The event was held in the Peninsula room of Blue Mall, Epic Center, in Santo Domingo.

He indicated that the country has problems that cannot be solved by modifying the so-called law of laws. “So in this case there are pressing needs of Dominicans that must be addressed and that are not solved or modified by the Constitution or blaming the crisis or what is happening outside this country”, he emphasized.

He added that to solve the problems that afflict the country “you have to work and empathize with the people.”

“It is here that we have to work, to plant roots, we have to connect with the people, we have to create empathy with the needs of the people and this is how we will be able to solve the problems that are overwhelming the Dominican population, especially so that, please, do not leave me so many problems to solve in 2024”, he stressed.

Speaking the words about 2024, the pre-candidate for the PLD he laughed openly and then left the place.

This Wednesday, for the third time, the Thematic Table of Transparency and Institutionality met with the purpose of discussing the proposal to reform the Magna Carta. The representatives of the parties of the Dominican Liberation (PLD), Dominican Revolutionary (PRD) and the People’s Force (FP) for not agreeing with the president’s initiative.

Abinader proposed the constitutional amendment with the argument of definitively achieving the independence of the Public Ministry, among other points.

Support from the external sector

At the act of support for his aspirations, which was attended by hundreds of supporters, Cedeño urged those present who do not feel identified with a political party to join his national project in favor of the Dominican Republic.

He also questioned the statements offered in recent days by the government who presides Louis Abinaderin which he said he raises an economic growth that is very distant from the social reality that the country is experiencing.

“Inflation overwhelms the middle class and the popular sectors. For the first time in decades we live with the uncertainty of the prices of the basic basket, with the fear that the money is not enough to cover the bill. Our middle class, accustomed to a better standard of living, is now looking for alternatives to alleviate the family budget because a small segment of the population benefits from economic growth, but inflation affects all Dominicans equally,” said the former vice president.

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