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Marcos Paulo returns to Brazil after not starting in Europe

Marcos Paulo returns to Brazil after not starting in Europe

The Atletico Madrid has a good number of young footballers on loan on average Spain and a half Europe. The mattress club trusts that these destinations will make the players in whom a lot of trust has been placed grow. Some are doing well. Not so to others.

Among the latter, it could be said, is the case of Mark Paul, the young Brazilian jewel signed by the Athletic two seasons ago, which has not finished standing out in Europe.

After a first campaign in the ‘Old continent’ to forget, in which he was assigned in the famalicao Portuguese with hardly any presence, his second season on loan, this time at Mirandés, it seemed that things were going a little better, but finally there will be an unexpected change of course in the winter market for him.

The footballer goes on loan to his country, to Brazil, in the middle of the season. His fate will be sao pauloaccording to the journalist Thiago Fernandes.

Marcos Paulo, footballer on loan from Atlético de Madrid to CD Mirandéz.


In the next few hours, who should be announced by the Sao Paulo He is the striker who will arrive on loan from the Atletico Madrid. The footballer will be on loan until December next year. The operation would include a purchase option that has not yet been disclosed.

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His balance of the previous season was summed up in 991 minutes between the first team and the subsidiary of famalicaowith a single goal, against the Vitoria de Guimarães, in a qualifying match for the Revelation Cup. He participated in 22 games, only ten as a starter (two of them with the second team). The footballer received harsh criticism from the first team coach and stopped participating from February 12 until the end of the course. His adaptation was not what was thought.

Marcos Paulo, in training with Atlético de Madrid


Now in the Mirandesby the hand of Joseba Etxeberria, adds 730 minutes in 14 games, with two goals and two assists. Let’s remember that he arrived a couple of years ago, free, after a complicated signing, coming from fluminense. It was supposed to be one of the great jewels of Brazilian football. At the age of 17, he was placed a termination clause of no less than 45 million. Many European teams were interested in him, Torino, Parma, Juventus, Marseille, Lyon… We’ll see if Brazil you can recover everything you promised at the time.

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