¿Cómo organizar tus finanzas para el 2023?

How to organize your finances for 2023?

For: Wendy Berroa
2022 is almost over and we still have time to organize our personal finances so that 2023 enters us in good financial health or at least headed towards it.

We know that it is not easy to do without some whims at the end of the year, but if these tastes imply getting into debt or overdrafting to please our ego or break the eyes of others as is commonly said, well, I must tell you that you are not acting correctly and this decision could cause you a lot of headaches at the start of next year.

So to help you optimize your resources, I am going to give you some recommendations so that you can apply them and start the new year with accurate decisions in your finances.

The first thing we must do is try to distribute our income correctly, in this way we can efficiently allocate resources to each activity that we will carry out.

I prefer to divide them into two parts Savings and expenses. If you noticed, put savings first, why? Good because these are the ones that will give me financial security at the end of the holidays. And it is that when the December festivities end, we all stay in the same place, without a single person in our pockets.

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Know your consumption pattern

So to avoid this financial discomfort, the first thing we must do is have a consumption scheme, the proposal that I will make is simple, “know your consumption pattern”, as you can do by making a budget of everything you spend or intend to spend, in it you will place all the expenses you have per month, then the income, here you have to be very honest, add your possibilities of real savings.

Now that you have your template, pattern or scheme of expenses and income and that you are

Of course with your consumption pattern, we are going to define where we will place those savings, propose a fair amount, then you must define if it is convenient for you to take it to a bank, you can also opt for the savings cooperative, this has several modalities that can generate more Benefits.

make a commitment to you

For greater commitment, you have to give meaning to that savings, that is, we are going to give it a first and last name. Either allocate it for a specific goal, which can be buying a laptop, the 2023 vacation, the car, the house, anything you need or want to acquire in the long or short term. Or simply have a specific amount to counteract the attacks of January and February 2023. The important thing is to set a destination and reach 2023 in peace of mind with the economic issue.

It is important to plan, always plan where the money you will save will come from, if it is from your monthly income, from a venture, or from the extra resources that may come.

Look for simple and fun shapes on YouTube

Another simple way is to take out the bills or small coins, the 25 coins and allocate them to a piggy bank that you can have at home. For example, what is left of the bottle of water that you ask for at the grocery store, locate a piggy bank and put the remaining 5, 10, 25 pesos.

You can also do it with a wallet where you place each bill as Rosa King explains on her YouTube channel, it is easy and simple to save with this method and it will help you create the habit in an easy and fun way with this fabulous method.

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