Marcelo Casaretto: "Together for Change tries to get the Supreme Court to rule"

Marcelo Casaretto: "Together for Change tries to get the Supreme Court to rule"

Marcelo Casaretto.

The national deputy of the Frente de Todos Marcelo Casaretto considered this Monday that “Together for Change is trying to make the Supreme Court govern” and expressed that the main opposition group “look for any excuse to paralyze Congress.”

“Together for Change (JxC) paralyzes Congress for one reason or another, or it is the Council of the Magistracy or it is the request for impeachment to the Court,” the Entre Ríos remarked in statements to DiputadosTV.

For the official deputy, JxC “intends not to respect the popular will that elected president and vice president of the FdT in 2019”; and instead “try to get the Supreme Court to rule.”

“Put out a decree (the former president, Mauricio) Macri, and it’s okay; take one out (the president) Alberto Fernandez, and it’s not worth it. A law is voted in the Cambiemos government, it is valid and it is applied; This government draws up a law and they say that it should not be implemented,” the legislator exemplified.

In this sense, he added: “They seek to tie the hands of the government so that only those agreed by the Court that invade the other two powers remain in force.”

“JxC loses the elections in 2019 and wants the Court to govern, a Court that no one voted for,” he completed.

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