Maray Suárez

Maray Suárez, from spokeswoman for the Cuban regime to emotional coach in Miami

MIAMI, United States. – The former journalist of the Informative System of Cuban Television Maray Suárez currently lives in Miami, where she promotes a personal well-being enterprise named “My way of living”, as announced by the former spokeswoman for Castroism in their website and their social networks.

Suárez, who was for many years one of the faces of the “Cuba Dice” space, on Noticiero Estelar de Televisión, assures that he has 15 years of experience in emotional intelligence and 20 years of experience in “journalism.”

The 47-year-old former official journalist has a degree in Literature from the University of Havana. On her website she also presents herself as a “Communication specialist, journalist, emotional manager and coaching”.

“For 20 years I worked on television as a media outlet. First for five years in the TV Correspondent in Ciego de Ávila, then in 2007 I began to work in the capital of the country, in the national news media”, explains Suárez herself.

“Since I was very young, I obtained several awards in investigative journalism and opinion reports, earning professional respect from the television audience,” he says.

One of Suárez’s publications on his social networks (Photo taken from the Facebook page “My way of living”)

In his social networks there is no reference to his departure from Cuba and his arrival in the United States. However, on his website he does ensure that “there is no talk of politics, ideologies, religions.”

Likewise, he details that he began to enter “the world of emotional intelligence empirically. Mi Manera de Vivir was born almost two years ago in the midst of the pandemic as a tool to help manage emotions, provide ways that enable many to rediscover themselves. The project was something personal that arose for my emotional development, but, without thinking about it and little by little, it was gaining followers interested in changing their lives, finding ways that would help them better manage their emotions in pursuit of the development of fostering positive energies”, he assures. .

“I understood that he loved journalism and that with what he had learned he could reach many as an opinion leader. I knew that my purpose went beyond a newsreel, ”Suárez ends his presentation note.

The reappearance of Suárez as the owner of her own business in Miami has generated a heated controversy in the Cuban virtual space. The blogger and journalist Yoani Sánchez, director of the newspaper 14ymedio, remembered this Monday that after becoming “one of the faces of Raulista journalism” along with Talía González, Gisela García and Boris Fuentes, Suárez was seen every Tuesday in the Cuba Dice space “blaming citizens and officials, but without ever questioning the political model nor the men in power”.

“Now she wears smart clothes, smiles for the photo and warns her followers not to let anyone ‘steal’ her light. It has replaced slogans with mantras of personal growth and ideological attacks with phrases where words like ‘success’, ’emotions’ and ‘overcoming’ are interspersed”, writes Sánchez, who also recalls that “mMany of the people who were denigrated and demonized in Maray Suárez’s reports are still in Cuba” enduring the punishments of the regime.

The case of Maray Suárez joins those of the former presenter of the Information System of Cuban Television yunior smith and the former official reporter Yailen Insua.

Last March, Smith announced on Facebook that he had left Cuba and is on his way to the US border. Known for his criticism of the United States government, in an extensive post he said he recognized that he had been “a romantic in love with the system, with concepts acquired as a child.”

For his part, in February of this year Insúa requested political asylum in Colombia, according to reports in different media outlets. “I am asking for political asylum in this country, because I fear for my life and that of my husband. Returning to Cuba is not an option for me”, pointed out Insúa, who became director of the “Buenos Días Magazine”.

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