'Fico' and the painted horses, Petro notarized that "he is not going" to expropriate and Francia Márquez and his affiliation with Sisbén

‘Fico’ and the painted horses, Petro notarized that “he is not going” to expropriate and Francia Márquez and his affiliation with Sisbén

Presidential campaigns keep moving. Petro, Márquez, Fico and Rodolfo Hernández those who start the week with controversies.

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Every day some new situation is known that involves in different circumstances the candidates for the Presidency and Vice Presidency of Colombia, among the most recent situations are Federico ‘Fico’ Guitérrez, Gustavo Petro, Rodolfo Hernández and Francia Márquez.

the painted horses

‘Fico’ Gutiérrez got another controversial support, a group of supporters decided to make a parade and put ‘tattoos’ on the horses.

The word ‘Fico’ in colors has sparked a whole controversy and they denounce “animal abuse”. The candidate himself said that he does not accept this type of campaign.

“I reiterate my gratitude to all the people who support me. And I want to ask you to always do it with respect towards other people and ANIMALS! I strongly reject animal abuse; no one who practices it can be part of my campaign », he wrote.

For his answer, others have also wanted to delve into the debate.

The other campaigns do not escape controversy, conjecture, claims and the polarized debate on social networks.

Petro before the notary

One of the things that has been claimed against Petro is his alleged intention to expropriate, many point out that the candidate’s philosophy is linked to the practice of the late Hugo Chávez in Venezuela for several years.

There, Nicolás Maduro has begun to return properties (one of them the Sambil in Caracas) that were expropriated 10, 15 years ago and that were left in ruins.

For this reason, faced with this blanket of doubts and claims, the leader of the Historical Pact said that he was going to certify that he was not going to expropriate.

“Before a notary and in a public document under oath, if I fail to comply it would be a crime, I promise before the people that, respecting the Constitution and the law, there will be no act of expropriation against any property of Colombians in my government,” he announced. monday.

He signed it at Notary 17 in Bogotá.

In the middle of this act to arouse confidence in the electorate and possibly win supporters. Petro also faces the controversy of his brother’s visit to several prisoners for corruption.

There are several versions and the situation, in addition to not having the necessary clarity, also left conjectures that it will be difficult for many to get them out of that position.

The ‘social forgiveness’ that has unleashed a hurricane in the campaign. This is how the applicant responded to the Casa de Nariño, to what he said is “misinformation” about his “true proposal.”

Marquez and Sisben

Francia Márquez Mina, Petro’s vice-presidential formula in the Historical Pact, has also been in the midst of controversy for his statements, his speeches, and this time, for Solidarity Income.

When this benefit began to be delivered in the midst of the pandemic and the quarantines in support of the most disadvantaged, she appeared in the Sisbén for which she benefited. She acknowledged that she collected five of these contributions.

Now what has been requested is that an investigation be made of his affiliation to Sisbén, what aid and under what conditions he has received it.

In his defense, it has been recalled that until recently, Márquez had to leave his territory in Suárez, Cauca, due to threats for his work for the environment and their communities.

It was part of the population with limited economic resources.

He did not accept ‘responsibility’ in acts of corruption

“Your vote for Roldolfo Hernández is to fight against corruption,” that has been a priority sold by the former mayor of Bucaramanga, who paradoxically this year will face trial for alleged corruption in his administration.

this monday cThe preparatory virtual hearing for the oral trial began against the former mayor, for the scandal known as ‘Vitalogic’.

He has answered like other times, that it is not related to acts of alleged corruption.

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