& quot; Maradona is buried without a heart & quot;

“Maradona is buried without a heart”

In an interview for ‘Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand’ of the Chanel The thirteen, the doctor and journalist Nelson Castro has spoken about his book ‘Diego’s health: the true story’, in which he tells different things about the Argentine star who died on November 25, 2020.

Castro ensures that “Maradona is buried without a heart. There was a group of brave bars of Gymnastics who planned to break in and extract the heart. That did not come to fruition because it was an act of enormous daring. It was detected that this was going to happen, then his heart was extracted, in addition to study it because his heart is very important for the determination of the cause of death of Maradona. Obviously, the information is that he is buried without a heart, “he insisted.

The doctor adds that “his heart weighed half a kilo when a heart weighs 300 grams. He had a large heart because of other things such as his heart failure and because of the cardiac pathology that he had.” And he explains the crisis he had in Punta del Este in January 2000. “There he was saved by the Uruguayan doctor who went to see him, the doctor Jorge Romero, but the one who discovers it is Guillermo Coppola who sees him in a very bad situation. He realizes that if he puts him to bed Maradona it does what is called ventricular fibrillation and dies. Then he takes him seated, they arrive at the hospital, put him to bed and there he performs ventricular fibrillation, which is a step prior to arrest, and there they save him because they were with all the elements. But it was a dramatic situation where the doctor had the courage and the mettle to handle that, because of what it represented, it was also having the life of Maradona, no more no less”.

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