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Maquila sector will close 2022 with USD 1,033 million

The Paraguayan Association of Advertising Agencies – APAP, presented for the sixth consecutive year a report on the volume of advertising investment in the media in our country.

This presentation seeks to continue putting on the agenda the interests of the main players in the industry, such as the media, advertisers and communication agencies, summoning their Directors and Managers in order to continue expanding the idea of ​​building relationships strategies among its protagonists.

This annual report is prepared by the union’s media commission, made up of various media specialists from APAP’s partner agencies, led by Oscar Rojas, current TEXO Media Directorwho have been working since 2016 to be able to present an annual summary that reflects the reality of advertising investment, in the media of our country.

Among the most outstanding points of the 2022 closing report, the number of advertisers that amounts to 2,850 is reflected, representing a drop of -6.7% in relation to the closing of 2021. 1,190 brands stopped investing, but 988 new advertisers joined.

Another point to highlight is the weight of investment by public and private entities with a weight of 13% to public companies and 87% to private companies.

Within the ranking of advertisers in the top 10 investment by category, the first three places correspond to the following categories: telephony, electronics and banks. followed by pain medications usually.

In the share of investment in television, open TV with 87%, versus 13% of the investment in cable TV. This is achieved with a total of 1,510 advertisers.

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In online media, one of the media with the highest investment, share distribution is as follows; 61% for social networks, 18% Programmatic, 11% for ads on Google. 9% local sites and 1% other media.

Regarding the investment by medium and in relation to the year 2021, TV grows by 20%, public roads by 15%, cable TV by 9%, radio by 7%, followed by digital with 5% growth. .

Average investment by quintile: 3 advertisers who invested USD 5,739.6 stand out.

The total number of advertising investment in media, projected to December 2022, is a total of USD 126,640,192.
Throwing a result with a tendency to growth in +11% in relation to previous years.

The launch of this latest document took place on December 14 at the union’s headquarters, with the presence of partners, media directors, related unions, and special guests from the industry.

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