MAP y UE tratan cooperación europea por reforma Administración Pública

MAP and EU deal with European cooperation for Public Administration reform

the owner of the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP)Dario Castillo Lugoand the ambassador of the European Union (EU) in the Dominican Republic, Katja Afheldtheld a meeting to discuss the work of reform and modernization of the Public administration, within the framework of European cooperation to the country.

At the meeting, the minister Lugo Castle highlighted the importance of the economic support of the EU to the improvement of Dominican Public Administration, through different cooperation programs, of non-reimbursable funds, which have been administered by the MAP, such as the Support Programs for Public Administration 1 and 2 (PARAP I and PARAP II) and the Support Program for Civil Society and Local Authorities (PASCAL).

He also expressed the need to continue counting on the support of the European Unionto achieve the changes that the country requires, in terms of institutional strengthening and efficient public management, for the sake of a better quality of life for citizens.

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“We thank the European Union and its delegation in the Dominican Republic for the support and trust placed in the MAP for the administration of the PASCAL program and the PARAP I and II programs. As administrators of these funds, we have complied with the established provisions and regulations, and they have served to lay the foundations, the rules, and advance on important issues, but the country still needs this support to reform and modernize the Public Administration. ” said the official.

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He explained that the reform and modernization of the Public administration It is a commitment made by the government of the president Louis Abinader, through decree no. 149-21, and which is currently a topic being debated in the Dialogue for Reforms coordinated by the Economic and Social Council (CES).

He said that regulatory reform, restructuring of public bodies and entities, regulatory improvement and simplification of procedures, as well as digital transformation and interoperability, among other issues, are fundamental aspects addressed by the MAP, in the general plan reform and modernization of the Public Administration (PGRMAP).

In that vein, he added that the Government is working on the design of a comprehensive computer system that will allow the governing bodies to communicate with each other and with other public institutions, to create an information circuit that will allow updated data to be obtained, on time and in line, and reduce the use of paper.

For her part, the ambassador of the EU, Katja Afheldthighlighted the priorities of the new cooperation framework 2021-2027 in the Dominican Republic, in three priority areas: economic opportunities, especially for women and youth; the green agenda, which includes climate change, care for the environment and sustainable cities; and the continuation of the reform of public institutions. Although the amount in donations from the European Union decreases in this new stage due to the economic success of the Dominican Republic, the offer in cooperation instruments is increased, such as guarantees and between donations and credits.

“The European Union partnership with the Dominican Republic will remain strong and our commitment to public administration reform continues. It is important to capitalize on the successes achieved with PARAP II and previous programs, and not stop now, as there is much work ahead”, Afheldt said.

At the meeting they were, for the MAPthe Vice Minister of Public Administration Reform and Modernization, Gregorio Montero, the person in charge of International Cooperation, Evelyn Román, the advisor, Frank González, and Manuel Parras, from the international technical assistance PARAP II.

By EU Delegation in the DRparticipated Maria GonzalezHead of Cooperation, and alexander gotzfrom the Cooperation section.

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