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Manzur: the government measures "they changed the trend and reserves are accumulated"

Manzur: the government measures "they changed the trend and reserves are accumulated"

Photo Gustavo Amarelle.

the chief of staff, John Manzurmaintained this Friday that “the trend changed and there has been an accumulation of reserves”in response to the latest measures by the national government to “stabilize the macroeconomy”.

“In the last rounds the trend has changed, there has been an accumulation of reserves and this has to do with the data that we are knowing: if this continues in this way we will have a record of exports, foreign exchange earnings to the country like never before we had it,” Manzur said.

Speaking to journalists upon entering the Casa Rosada, the official considered that “this is also expressed in the installed capacity in terms of production in Argentina, which is setting very important levels and what it leads us to is the indicators of unemployment levels continue to improve“.

“That is why the stabilization of the macroeconomy and, from there, continue encouraging investment and productionand that this triggers work: that is the direction that the Government is looking for today,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, Manzur valued the participation of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, in the meeting of the Council of the Americas at the Alvear hotel, where -he indicated- he explained “what are the main guidelines of the economic policy, which has to do with the work plan that the Government has drawn up in order to achieve the objective of fundamentally stabilizing the economy”.

Manzur highlighted the participation of Sergio Massa in the Council of the Americas. Photo Victoria Gesualdi.

When asked about the meeting of the League of Peronist Governors in the city of La Plata, Manzur said that these types of meetings must be “held” since “it is a very important fact in the idea of ​​joining forces” and the framework of a “deeply federal country”.

“What we are looking for -he maintained- is growth and from growth inclusion and from inclusion what we always seek is to close asymmetries. Argentina is not the same and from there we have to generate the conditions to close gaps. These are the most important challenges,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, he was asked about the requests to seek basic consensus between the ruling party and the opposition that were heard in the framework of the Council of the Americas. “You always have to seek dialogue, and more so in difficult moments, in complicated moments. It’s very healthy, it’s good,” said Manzur, and he maintained that Argentina “is on the way to celebrating 40 years of uninterrupted democracy.”

“Argentina is not an island; everything that brings positions closer together, generates dialogues and generates bonds and draws a goal that leads to an Argentina that includes, that generates opportunities and with this wonderful feeling of a better future for all of us, we celebrate it.” Manzur concluded.

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