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Many countries have higher gasoline than the DR, and wages too

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The Government has said that it assumes millionaire commitments to avoid further increases.

In many countries, the price of fuel is much higher than in the Dominican Republic, but the salary level and quality of life are also higher in those nations, without wanting to compare one thing with the other.

And avoiding the comparison is equivalent to saying that it is preferable not to do so, because to a large extent these are nations that are not on equal terms with this country.

For example, while in the Dominican Republic a gallon of gasoline costs US$4.9, in Norway it is priced at 8.4. But while in the Dominican Republic the average salary seen in dollars is US$794, in Norway it is US$3,394, according to data cut between September and October 2021
In July 2021, for the local case, the National Salary Committee (CNS) approved an increase in minimum wages with different scales depending on the size of the companies, which averaged 24%. Also, a reclassification of these was approved, creating the category of micro company, with a specific salary. The increase for large companies was then 19%, in relation to the salaries that were in force at that date and that had been like this since 2019, raising the salary to 21,000 pesos. That equates to just $364.7, at the current rate.

Salaries in the non-sectorized private sector are reviewed every two years. And that was why it was done in 2021, after the same had been done in 2019.

In medium-sized companies, the aforementioned salary increase was 59% (a percentage that generated debates and confusion), taking the salary to 19,250 pesos or the equivalent of 333 dollars. Small businesses -based on the provisions of the CNS- 12,900 pesos. The increase for micro companies was 11%, taking the salary to 11,900 pesos (about US$224).

Last week, from various platforms, both government officials and people from different social strata posted a graph on their accounts dated January 31, 2022, realizing that the price of gasoline -seen in gallons- is much more higher in nations of Europe, Asia and America than in the Dominican Republic. According to that comparison, a gallon of gasoline in Hong Kong costs US$10,117, in Norway US$8,487, in Israel US$8,239, in Italy US$7,638 and in Germany US$7,280.

In France, according to the graph in question, a gallon of gasoline is sold at US$7,446, in Spain at US$6,553 and in Japan at US$5,497. In India it is sold at US$5,223, in Jamaica at US$5,092 and in Canada at US$5,033.

Price of products seen in the local currency

If you want to see the fuels in local currency, the current prices are these: Premium gasoline is dispatched at RD$287.60 and regular gasoline at RD$270.50. Optimum diesel is sold at RD$236.10, regular diesel at RD$217.60 and avtur is sold at RD$198.98 per gallon. Meanwhile, Kerosene is sold at RD$227.60 per gallon and fuel Oil #6 at RD$162.95.

Fuel Oil 1%S costs RD$180.29 and Liquefied Gas RD$147.60 per gallon.

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