Mantecol, jungle sticks and Bazooka return to Argentine hands

The Mantecol brand returned to Argentine hands this Fridayas reported by BAE Business. The company was created by Miguel Georgalos and after 21 years, his family was able to recover the brand. In 2001 the Georgalos family had sold Mantecol to Cadbury, today Mondelez.

In any case, the company is run by the third generation of the family and is headed by Miguel Georgalos’ grandson, Miguel Zonnaras.

The amount of the operation, which also included the purchase of Bazooka, Jungle Sticks, Tongue and Giraffe.

Georgalos, with 83 years of history, has, so far, a thousand workers. However, he bought the Victoria plant from Mondelezin San Fernando, province of Buenos Aires, and will absorb its 600 workers, who will maintain their working conditions.

The Argentine company also has the following brands: Flynn Paf, Namur nougat, Flow cereal bars, Full peanuts, Toddy, Zucoa, Sugar free, among others.

On the other hand, BAE Negocios reports the history of the famous product. Originally the Georgalos family lived on the Greek island of Chios. His son Miguel studied pastry. Shortly before Italy invaded Greece, the young man got on a ship and He arrived in Buenos Aires in September 1939.

From a dessert with great fame in the Middle East, called “halvah”, created the Mantecol. Since he didn’t have sesame paste, he tried peanuts, after trying the caramelized; reports BAE Business. He started selling his adaptation and a neighbor told her that it looked like butter bread. That’s where the name was born.

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