Mejorar el servicio al cliente aumenta rentabilidad en 64%

Improving customer service increases profitability by 64%

Companies must focus on improving the customer experience, since a better service translates into a higher profitability of up to 64% more, explained Gabriel VallejoColombian expert on quality management.

He stated that customers who have a positive experience with a company tend to spend 140% more and stay sometimes longer than those that don’t.

Vallejo offered these details during the talk “Quality with a focus on customer service and competitiveness” at the Second Symposium ANEIH Innova 2022of the National Association of Companies and Industries of Herrera (ANEIH), dedicated to innovation, quality management and technology to improve the competitiveness and development of the Dominican industry.

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He explained that the customer-centric approach through data, information and artificial intelligence constitutes the core of business strategy. He added that, although technology is important, it cannot be forgotten that the best face of the service is human talent and what the client wants to live is a good experience and this is provided by a good employee.

He stressed that companies must be dedicated to the client with culture, strategies, processes and human talent. But today many organizations focus only on selling and billing, not retaining their customers, improving their experiences and attract new customers and make them return what they left.

He stated that the 68% of customers they lose disappointed by the attitude of the employees; 14% due to poor quality; 9% for the price; 5% for new habits; 3% move and 3% die.

Speakers at the event were also France Pontiexpert in innovation and entrepreneurship, and Reiner Gomezrepresentative of the company HP USA in Latin America.

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