Manini took aim at the coalition for social security reform: "They want the Cabildo to pay for the broken dishes"

Manini took aim at the coalition for social security reform: "They want the Cabildo to pay for the broken dishes"

The senator and leader of Cabildo Abierto, Guido Manini Ríos, spoke about the negotiation that is still taking place in the Chamber of Deputies between members of the coalition to approve the social security reform project. “Many referents and legislators of the coalition are hoping that the Cabildo does not votedo not dare to raise it within their parties, but they are playing for the Cabildo to pay the piper“, assured this Wednesday in his radio column in the program State of Situation from Oriental 770 AM.

According to the Cabildo Abierto leader, it is inopportune to approve the project now given “that they are already using it as a banner for next year’s elections.” “Beyond the fact that anything will serve to give them a handle, we are giving it one more element. There will always be people with the idea that they will have to work more to earn the same amount and in the end they end up paying off electorally.. Why are we going to give it to him on a platter in such a hurry?” she wondered.

Regarding the articles that the Cabildo Abierto wants to negotiate, Manini explicitly focused on eliminating the possibility that the AFAPs could invest abroad. “We understand that in Uruguay money is needed for many things, national investments. They are talking about a Neptuno project that has to be done with private investors that ends up costing the country three times the amount,” he said.

“The same thing happened with the Central Railroad for UPM, which ended up being financed by foreign capital. But the Uruguayan money that is in the AFAP, that can go outside the country. We believe that there is a point that must be ironed out a lot. And it is not essential for the reform, we do not understand why there is such a firm bar on that. It is enough to remove that article and this point is unlocked“, he claimed.

Then he spoke about the point, which is also under negotiation, of calculating the replacement rate at 25 years. “We think 25 is a lot. The average is lower if fewer years are considered“, he assured.

Cabildo Abierto decided to request an extension to continue negotiating the changes in the social security reform projectas reported to The Observer political sources. The motion was presented in the session on Tuesday and was approved with the support of those led by Guido Manini Ríos and the Broad Front.

“What the party (Cabildo Abierto) did is file an extension to the term of the special commissionwas raised to the coalition and legislators of the Broad Front,” said the lobbyist deputy Martin Sodano.

The deputy based the Cabildo’s vote on the fact that “the spirit is to achieve consensus and construction of the project in order to vote on it before the 31st of this month.” “However, when the deadlines did not arrive and having the agreements, The idea is to have a receipt so that the commission does not expire Being that Easter is coming and a short half month. That is why I present this motion to extend the deadline until next month’s deadline,” Sodano concluded.

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