A man from Chile contracted bird flu

Judith Pena | March 29, 2023

A 53-year-old man is the first person in Chile to be detected with AH5N1 influenza or bird flu.

This disease, which is transmitted mainly by backyard birds, was detected in the north of Chile, as reported by the Ministry of Health of that country, indicating that they have begun traceability to account for how this contagion was registered and if there are more cases within the environment of this person.

They added that they have already activated all the sanitary protocols for the management of this disease and that the Institute of Public Health analyzes the tests carried out on this man.

The authorities indicated that although the man presented a picture of severe influenza, his condition is stable. They reiterated that this disease is transmitted from birds to people and that no cases of human-to-human infection have currently been reported.

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