Manini and Andrade will debate for the LUC and will be broadcast by the cables from the interior

senators Guido Manini Riosof Cabildo Abierto, and Oscar Andradeof the Broad Front, will debate the 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC) live for 120 channels of the interioras reported to The Observer the president of the Uruguayan Chamber of Television for Subscribers (CUTA), Washington Melo.

Melo explained that this Tuesday a meeting will be held with the Manini and Andrade teams to define the day, time and format of the debatebut ensured that “is going to exist” and that it will be at night, livefor the 120 local channels from the interior associated with CUTA. He added that the signal will be available “for all media” that want to transmit it.

The idea for the debate arose in July, after Manini told San José Mora Contents in an interview that he had “no problem discussing or debating with anyone” about the 135 articles put into consideration by the referendum on March 27. the communist senator showed on social networks his willingness to debate with the leader of Cabildo Abierto, although at that time the issue was left up in the air.

In December, the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala, invited Manini through Twitter to a debate “on democracy, trade union rights and freedoms protected by the regulations”after weeks with several stoppages that Manini had also described in that network as a “run over”.

In an interview with Radio Yi, a station in the department of Durazno, Manini responded: “Speaking of democracy, freedom and rights with a communist who went to obediently praise (Nicolás) Maduro seems like a clown to me. I speak with those who really believe in those values.”

The Manini and Andrade teams have been working for a few days to try to define details of this instance, according to El País.. This is the first time that the former commander in chief of the Army participates in an instance of this type while Andrade, when he was a presidential candidate, debated with former Colorado candidate Ernesto Talvi.

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