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Man who raped minor sentenced to 20 years in prison

San Cristobal. The Collegiate Court of this judicial district sentenced a man who sexually raped a teenager to 20 years in prison, whom he later injured with a machete until he left her for dead, in 2020.

Danny Casilla will serve his sentence in Najayo Hombres, after being found guilty of assaulting the minor, whose name is omitted for legal reasons.

The Public Ministry, represented by prosecutors Aurelina Cuevas Ramón and Daryl Montes de Oca, demonstrated in a hearing that Casilla Ramírez failed to comply with articles 295 and 331 of the Penal Code. The events occurred on the Cambita highway, in the San Cristóbal province, after Casilla Ramírez tricked her victim into transferring her aboard a motor to the place where she was going.

On the way, the convicted man stopped and dragged the teenager to a lonely place, where, after committing the sexual assault, he wounded her with a machete to the point where she had to pretend she was dead.

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