Dina Boluarte: Presidency apologizes for expression "Puno is not Peru"

Dina Boluarte: Presidency apologizes for expression “Puno is not Peru”

The Presidency of the Republic offered a public apology for the expressions used by the president this afternoon when he said that “Puno is not Peru”, in reference to the southern region that has registered violent demonstrations since last December.

“The Presidency of the Republic reiterates that it must ensure the safety and well-being of the 33 million Peruvians, in this context, the phrase “Puno is not Peru” was not an expression of discrimination or arrogance,” the tweet said. .

Another message reads: “For having misinterpreted, we apologize to the sisters and brothers of our beloved highland region. We reiterate our call for peace, dialogue and reconciliation”.

Boluarte made these statements during the conference he held at the Government Palace with the foreign press.

“What do we do in the face of threats? Do we let them burn us alive like they burned a policeman in Puno? Do we let them burn down the house as happened to a congressman in Puno? Shall we let them continue burning and let chaos reign in Peru and the Police Forces be calm? Within the law and the Constitution they are going out to protect the lives of the 33 million Peruvians. The Armed Forces are behind. They have no contact with the people who are protesting. We have to protect the life and tranquility of the 33 million Peruvians. Puno is not Peru. The government is not generating violence,” he said.

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