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Man kills his two children and commits suicide in San José de Ocoa

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Man kills his two children and commits suicide in San José de Ocoa

A man murdered his two sons minors and then committed suicide on Wednesday night. The tragic event occurred on the La Vuelta de la Paloma highway, in the province San Jose de Ocoa. Units of the National Police appeared at the scene to remove the corpses, as did a sister of the perpetrator.

The parricide-suicidal was identified as Freddy Olaverria (42 years). The victims are a girl and a boy. They were 14 and 7 years old, respectively. Their names are Alys and Fred Olaverria.

It is unknown how the man killed the children and then took his own life, but a video shared by SIN News shows units of the National Police on the side of a road in front of a dark wooded area.

According to the testimony of the victimizer’s sister, Yanet Olaverría, who went to the scene, her relative had revealed to her “that he had his planned” because his partner allegedly “had another.”

He said that the children were with his brother in San Jose de Ocoa since December 25, since his mother, from whom he was separated, had given them to him so that they could spend Christmas together.

He recounted that tonight was when he was scheduled to deliver them to his ex-partner, who lives in Villa Duarte, in the National District, and had the children in his custody. The name of the parent of the children was not released by his ex-sister-in-law.

The woman added that her brother sent her a message by phone in which he asked her to come to his aid, because “he was staying”, referring to the means of transport in which he was traveling with the little ones. She did not say what type of vehicle she was in.

Sister’s testimony

“He gave me a message, at 8:50, that my brother come to help him, that he was in a leftover place and when I came I found him like this… he brought the children on the 25th because he was separated from the woman , the woman looked for another, she lent it to him on the 25th so that he could take it today and he was already on his way to take them away… he took his own life and took it from them, both of them. Because he told me that he had what planned, but I really thought that he was going to take her out of the way and what he did was that he took her (life) from him and his two children (…) he was in the capital working and he was about two months old that she left her job (…) she did not marry someone else, she took him to the prosecutor’s office and she confessed to the prosecutor’s office that she had another even though she was married with him on paper.”

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