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Learn how to boost your business for the end of the year party

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Learn how to boost your business for the end of the year party

the party is coming and some businesses are already getting ready to close 2022 with good results. Given this, the professor of Marketing and Digital Media Management at Certus, Pietro Zegarra, offers some recommendations to obtain good results in this campaign.

Offer attractive offers and promotions: Once the most demanded products have been selected, innovative promotions can be established to attract the attention of consumers. For this, it is convenient to define what type of offers or promotions will be given, that respond to the tastes and needs of customers and that are directly related to the season in order to empathize with the public.

Optimize your virtual store. Update your catalog of products or services, always providing clear and transparent information. Then, for an effective e-commerce, it will be key to optimize the payment gateway in your virtual store, since customers need to make secure transactions with debit cards, credit cards or digital wallets.

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Use interactive videos. According to Renderforest, videos make up 82% of all traffic on the internet, generating huge reach and engagement. For this reason, it is advisable to make videos with offers, gift options, testimonials or raffles, to connect with your target audience.

Implement New Years theme in your digital campaigns. Boost the traffic of your social networks using keywords alluding to the new year in the hashtags of social networks. The keywords or keywords like ‘deals’, ‘promotions’ work at any time of the year.

Investment in advertising guidelines. A good option to attract new customers and offer products and/or services during this season is the advertising schedule. You do not need a large budget for this type of investment and it will bring multiple benefits.

On the other hand, the Certus representative recalls that six out of 10 people will take advantage of the discounts for the end of the year dates.


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