Man killed his wife and then committed suicide, autopsy revealed

Man killed his wife and then committed suicide, autopsy revealed

Last weekend in the Ayapal neighborhood, in District Three of Managua, the married couple María José Machado Rivas and Luis Ángel Solís Zambrana were found dead. Police investigations revealed that it turned out to be a femicide followed by suicide.

The investigations began on Tuesday night when the crime occurred, when the bodies were found in a state of decomposition. Some neighbors were alarmed because they had not seen the couple for three days, in addition to feeling that a fetid odor was coming from the house, for which they reported the situation to the police.

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After receiving the call, the police officers went to the scene and forced the lock to find the bodies of the couple in a state of decomposition. Residents of the sector speculated that the couple had committed suicide by taking poison.

Man killed his wife and then committed suicide, autopsy revealed

A source linked to the investigations revealed to the La Prensa media outlet that “the coroner who did the autopsy discovered that María José Machado was strangled.” In the case of Luis Ángel Solís, it is presumed that “after killing his partner, he committed suicide with drugs,” added the informant on condition of anonymity.

A preliminary forensic opinion found no signs of violence on the bodies, but after performing the autopsies they discovered that it was a femicide and suicide.

So far, 17 women have been murdered so far this year in Nicaragua, making it clear that the State is not moved by these crimes and its passivity makes it an accomplice, according to constant complaints from feminist organizations in the country.

According to reports from the Catholic organization for the Right to Decide, eight of them lost their lives outside of Nicaragua and nine of the victims were between 35 and 59 years old and seven were between 18 and 34 years old. They have mostly been killed by their life partners.

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