Man dies when being dragged by the rising of a river in Apartadó, Antioquia

Man dies when being dragged by the rising of a river in Apartadó, Antioquia

Risk Management authorities in Antioquia reported that after the rainfall of recent days in several subregions of the department one person died and six more municipalities have been affected.

In Apartadó a sudden rise of the river that bears the same name claimed the life of a man identified as Cristóbal Meza, 45 years old. The incident occurred in the village of La Unión when Meza was crossing this tributary and was surprised by the rising water.

In this same locality, the overflow of the Vijagual river affected some homes in the El Bosque and La Esmeralda sectors.

According to Dagran reports, in Chigorodó The villages of Guapa, El Dos, Guapa León and Unión Parcelas were also flooded.while in Carepa the overflow of the León and Carepa rivers affected sectors of the Bocas de Chigorodó, Las Flores and Eucalipto districts.

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“The La Niña Phenomenon will accompany the second rainy season that will start in September, that is, the rains will be stronger. We have been preparing ourselves in a conjunctural way with assistance and technical advice, strengthening the municipalities in risk management instruments for territorial planning,” explained Jaime Gómez Zapata, director of the entity.

In the subregion of Bajo Cauca, in the municipality of El Bagre, the overflow of the Tigüi and Nechí rivers affected 450 families. This same tributary in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Zaragoza generated difficulties for 192 families.

For its part, in Dabeiba the suspension of the water supply was reported in the urban area due to undermining caused by the rising of the Sucio River. The utility company is carrying out work to restore the service.

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Finally, one of the most complex situations occurs in the municipality of Peque, in the west of the department, where some 16,000 inhabitants are incommunicado. for an incident that occurred in a section of kilometer 12 of the highway between the municipality of Uramita and the district of Juntason the only road that connects the town with the city of Medellín.

Four other corregimientos also have their roads blocked by landslides, so they are isolated from the municipal seat.

The mayor of Peque Froy Faber Hernández indicated that they work as soon as possible to solve the contingency in order to avoid situations such as food shortages. In the next few hours, experts will visit the sector to determine the works that must be carried out, as long as the levels of the Juntas River, close to the affected road, allow the works.

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