‘Mamén’ on the renovation of the Mutualista: “The Mayor’s Office is not going to spend another penny to build markets”

August 16, 2022, 12:49 PM

August 16, 2022, 12:49 PM

More than two weeks have passed since the fire in the Mutualista market and there is still no solution at the door. Moreover, in the last few days there has been a dispute between two groups of unions, one that supports the construction of a new infrastructureframed in the demands of a massive supply center, and another group that asks for a shed that allows you to enable your posts as soon as possible in that space.

Asked about this issue, the councilor for Democrats, Manuel ‘Mamén’ Saavedra, assured that so far no project has come to the Municipal Council and that, if it happens, it should be done through a public competition where the best architects of the region participate to elaborate a lasting and not improvised work. However, he was forceful in pointing out that “Whatever the project, municipal resources will not be used” for its execution.

The opposition councilor argued that It is not appropriate to use municipal resources because more than Bs 300 million have already been spent on moving three markets, therefore, the population’s money could not continue to be used in the construction of more supply centers.

“The Mayor’s Office is not going to spend another penny to build markets in this city because it is good enough to spend people’s tax money to build markets”, emphasized the opposition mayor.

'Mamén' on the renovation of the Mutualista: "The Mayor's Office is not going to spend another penny to build markets"

ANDhe fire exposed a street that crosses the market, which was totally taken over by the merchants. Saavedra stated that it will not be allowed to be occupied again once the market is ready.

Likewise, given the annoyance of the unions who assure that the trucks and tractors of the municipality only worked the first two days after the incident and that they were the ones who paid to complete the removal of debris and burned metal structures, Saavedra lamented that some politicians have taken advantage of the tragedy to “promise the sky and the stars”, but when the situation passed they turned their backs on them. “You have to be consistent, if you offer help you have to do it,” she added.

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