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Malú Micher apologizes for a message against Nuvia Mayorga

Malú Micher apologizes for a message against Nuvia Mayorga

Téllez, from the PAN, demanded that he retract, for which Micher admitted having expressed the offense, and apologized, but kept what he wrote because, he said, he did not understand what his seatmate meant.

“I offer you an apology Nuvia, but I do not understand the difference between academic research and the research of a government institution, I did not understand, please excuse me, but it seems to me that I was out of place and if I offended you I offer you an apology. I didn’t understand the difference and the explanation you gave us, that’s why I dared to say that and I didn’t want to offend you,” Micher said.

Téllez, who insisted on a public apology to Mayorga – and with whom the Morena bench is confronted, even shouting, for having resigned from the Moreno ranks – the audio was withdrawn.

“What is very violent is that you in the health chat…”, she was heard saying before she was cut off.

The foregoing, Micher previously explained, is because the legislator who does not turn on his camera when registering attendance at a commission, is considered absent. And Téllez has not turned on his camera in 15 sessions, so “he has been absent for more than 15 and the regulation should be applied to people who do not turn on their camera and therefore are not present… the senator who preceded me is not present” .

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