Maldonado stations stop accepting card payments from next Monday

Maldonado service stations will stop accepting payment by debit or credit card at their gasoline pumps as of Monday, April 4as reported by El País and informed by Nicolás Pascaretta, president of the Maldonado Fuel Vendors (Vecoma), to The Observer.

Pascaretta explained that this measure is part of a “fight from seven years ago” in which sellers look for “the financial cost”a tariff of between 1 and 1.25% plus VAT on each purchase of gasoline that is charged to the stations for each card payment, “pay the customer”

“It is a service, there is no reason for us to pay the fee”, he added.

The president of Vecoma clarified that you can pay with Card Dbecause it is the only one that does not bear these tariffs when paying for a fuel refill.

“We exhausted the resources with the public and private actors”, regretted Pascaretta, who argued that this measure is “installed” and does not have an end datenor does it seek that the government or financial institutions negotiate with them, although they do not close to negotiate.

In December Vecoma had already warned that it could carry out this measure for the summer. As at that time, what the sellers ask the authorities is that card tariffs are also “tariffed” like the price of gasoline.

Already in August 2021 the group had proposed taking the same measure, but the government asked for time to find a solution. However, Pascaretta maintained that “the government has no obligation” to find a way out of the conflictbecause the real problem is with “financial institutions”.

“The banks are in an absolutely dominant and abusive position where if no one pulls their ear they they will continue to collect that implicit toll and becoming today business partners. we’re talking about that the incidence of the tariff is between 25% and 35% of the economic equationtoday they are practically business partners,” Pascaretta said in December to The Observer.

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