Maldonado: Interior named shooting range «Dr. Jorge Larranaga»

The Ministry of Interior, in the presence of its highest authority, Minister Luis Alberto Heber, carried out the inauguration of the firing range in Maldonado. It was inaugurated under the name of “Dr. Jorge Larrañaga”, in honor to the late minister.

During the inauguration ceremony, which was accompanied by a plaque in honor of the late Minister of the Interior and leader of the National Alliance. It was expressed by Heber that «For us this polygon has a very special meaning, because it was one of the themes that our friend Jorge Larrañaga wanted to see built and that unfortunately the beginning and could not see finished. He had a special interest in the completion of the polygon, something that the police need so much for their own formation and training.

The brand new venue, has as its mission the training by the troops of the Maldonado Headquarters.

The new polygon, located at kilometer 12,500 of route 39 along Camino Las Rosas, also has authorization from the Fire Department of the Environmental Management Department of the Municipality of Maldonado and protected area coverage, offering guarantees and peace of mind in training and improvement. of police personnel.

“The Maldonado Police Department is right to remember it because it was his initiative, which insisted on the need to have a shooting range so that the troops can practice and thus improve their professionalism.”

Heber maintained that it was expressed that violence had come “to settle in our society.” That “practically we had to get used to living in a violent society where many times we had little to do.” Larrañaga demonstrated, together with his command and the entire National Police, that it could be changed and it was changed.

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