Maduro's government assures that it will not meet with Guaidó

Maduro’s government assures that it will not meet with Guaidó

The president of the National Assembly with a Chavista majority in Venezuela and head of the delegation of the dialogue table in Mexico between the Government and the opposition, Jorge Rodríguez, said that they will not meet with Juan Guaidó, considered interim president of Venezuela for dozens of years. countries.

“We do not meet with drug traffickers, we put drug traffickers in prison, we are not going to endorse the imposition of a drug policy file in Venezuela,” Rodríguez declared through the state channel on Friday afternoon.

“We are going to an inclusive, broad dialogue, with all sectors of the political life of Venezuela, not with drug traffickers,” he added after presenting alleged evidence linking Guaidó and other opposition leaders with Biagio Garófalo, a drug trafficker detained in Colombia this week.

On Thursday, Guaidó reiterated his willingness to reach an agreement in Mexico that “approximates a solution to the conflict” in Venezuela and, for the moment, had not responded to Rodríguez’s accusations.

Days ago, after a meeting with emissaries from the White House in Caracas, President Nicolás Maduro announced that they were preparing to “reactivate with great force” the process of national dialogue with all political, social and religious factors.

“The dialogue in Mexico received a tremendous blow, but if we are asking for dialogue for the world, we have to set an example and we are going to reformat the national dialogue process, we are going towards an inclusive, comprehensive, broad dialogue process that hand to all Venezuelans who want to move our country forward and that of all the political guarantees for the coming processes in the years that are marked from now on”, he said.

The dialogue table in Mexico was suspended in October of last year after the extradition to the United States of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, whom the Maduro government intended to incorporate into the dialogue table.

Political analysts consulted by the voice of america They have affirmed on several occasions that the Maduro government has no “incentives” to return to the negotiating table in Mexico because, at the moment, it does not perceive significant threats to its stability in power.

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