Maduro trusts "political understanding" after elections in Venezuela

Maduro trusts “political understanding” after elections in Venezuela

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, attended to vote in Caracas and from his voting point he spoke about the general situation of the country, highlighting that it is the first participation of the opposition after almost six years of electoral boycott.

According Mature after the local and regional elections, what follows for Venezuela it is a better period in which there will be understanding and dialogue between the different sectors.

“On Venezuela what comes is more dialogue, political understanding, coexistence and harmony. From these elections, the best comes (…) governability comes, consolidation of peace and stability, I am sure of that, “he said. Mature before the supporters who accompanied him to vote.

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In that sense, the president spoke about the possibility of returning to the dialogues that were taking place in Mexico and said that for now he prefers to wait, since the extradition of Alex Saab and consider that “is very serious what the government of USA”.

Saab He was appointed as a diplomat and representative of the government at that table of dialogues and that is why Mature consider that “there are no conditions yet” to sit down with the opposition again, especially since he is still in detention. The judgment against Saab starts the next january 3 in a court of Florida.

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