Maduro to Capriles: I told you a ghost and you stayed a ghost

Maduro to Capriles: I told you a ghost and you stayed a ghost

“I told you a ghost and you stayed a ghost, but instead of scaring you make you laugh,” the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, charged against the opposition politician Henrique Capriles on Tuesday.

In a forceful message that Maduro published in his twitter account, the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution recalled the destabilizing past of Capriles, who supported “the guarimbas, the guaidosismo and the sanctions.”

“Now you intend to encourage economic warfare again. We are not going to allow it. Venezuela respects itself!”, the head of state stated.

The president made the letter in response to another tweet from the right-wing leader, who launched a series of political rhetoric against Maduro’s government management.

He first national president He assured on Monday during the transmission of the program “Con Maduro +”, that the narrative of the also candidate for the opposition primaries revolves around the economic war.

“Henrique Capriles, the man appears, the ghost appears (…) Like a ghost he appears in the streets to lie because he is a presidential candidate,” said Maduro.

He criticized that the representatives of the extreme right “are not going to campaign, that extreme right that is being called to make candidacies what they want is war and the economic destruction of Venezuela.”

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