Bianchi shared a new fake news about Victor Hugo Morales and the water crisis: The rapporteur responded

Bianchi shared a new fake news about Victor Hugo Morales and the water crisis: The rapporteur responded

“Another disastrous being for Uruguayan democracy,” said the senator for the National Party, Graciela Bianchi, on Twitter on July 10, alluding to the Uruguayan journalist Victor Hugo Morales. This strong phrase was accompanied by an image in which Morales is seen in a program on the Argentine channel C5N, with the following superimposed phrase: “Uruguayans do not have water to drink or for dialysis.”

The problem is that Morales never said that phrase, and that, furthermore, he doesn’t even work at C5N anymore. This was remarked by the journalist from Page 12, Jorge Majfud, who highlighted the fake news on Twitter. “Apart from being a great friend and an excellent person, Víctor Hugo is the best thorn in the foot of the River Plate oligarchy. That sucks. Now, “disastrous for Uruguayan democracy” are inept politicians like you, Senator. (He has not yet answered me how he did to violate Uruguayan laws and US laws in the Nisman case. Is it that he will never deign to answer me?) ”, he wrote when sharing Bianchi’s tweet.

In fact, Majfud consulted with Morales himself and he personally confirmed that he no longer has a program on C5N since 2019.

Victor Hugo Morales to Bianchi: “clarify that what you said about me is false”

This situation generated the anger of Morales and, interviewed by the radio M24He stated: “Of course It’s fake news, one more lie, an absurd thing. I’m not even on the channel that says that. I didn’t even know that dialysis needed water.” And he added: “I hope that more as a lady than as a senator, she clarifies that what she said about me is false.”

He asked Biancih to be “more responsible” and to corroborate the information he publishes on his social networks. “You are not a senator of a country and outbursts like this are committed, condemning a situation of confusion to a person who is far away and who seems to me to be a very good Uruguayan in any circumstance,” Morales concluded.

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