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Maduro leads the joint graduation ceremony of the FANB

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The President of the Republic and Commander-in-Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), Nicolás Maduro, led this Friday the Joint Graduation ceremony in the different Categories of Command, Technicians and Troops, and passed to the Active Reserve of the Promotions of the year 1990 of the FANB.

From the Court of Honor of the Military Academies, in Fuerte Tiuna, the head of state delivered the replica of the sword of the Liberator Simón Bolívar to 1015 newly graduated officers who receive the rank of lieutenants and corvette lieutenants, from the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela after having fulfilled all the study requirements in the military preparation system of the highest university level that the country has.

In this sense, 89 graduate as Surgeons of the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo promotion; 35 with the title of Graduates in Nursing from the Bicentennial promotion of the Battles of Bomboná and Pichincha; and 896 officers of the Bicentennial promotion of the Naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo

“You are already the generation of the tercentenary of the birth of the Venezuelan giant from Caracas and immortal, General Francisco de Miranda, feel proud to belong to the FANB, heir to the glories of Bolívar, Miranda, Sucre, Urdaneta and Zamora,” said Maduro. to the new officers of the FANB.

Likewise, Maduro thanked the 300 men and women who graduated from the promotions of 1990 who go to active reserve status after having fulfilled an impeccable stellar role as military leaders in all these years of the rebirth of the Homeland.

“The promotions of 1990, saw the rebirth of the Homeland with the Bolivarian Revolution and has been loyal, disciplined, professional (…) On behalf of our people and an entire country I say: Thank you, mission accomplished boys, girls, new responsibilities will come to you,” he said.

The national President stressed that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces are increasingly strengthened.

cadet chavez

Commander Hugo Chávez left the Venezuelan Military Academy 48 years ago as an officer of the Bolivarian Army, obtaining a degree in Military Sciences and Arts.

Thanks to his interest in knowledge and diligent study spirit, he achieved high academic qualifications. During his time at the military institution, Chávez acquired a greater understanding of the social and political reality of the country, of the truth that was hidden in the misery belts that condemned millions to poverty, and of the wealth that a few obtained as gift of the surrender of the State.

As a good strategist and without forgetting what he liked the most, Chávez knew how to combine all opportunities.

“I entered with a baseball glove under my arm (…), four years later I came out with a book by “Che” and not just with the book; with the already revolutionary heart and the revolutionary spirit, ”expressed Chávez, among one of many conversations in which he spoke of his beloved Military Academy.

In the Casa de los Sueños Azules, the revolutionary leader also experienced those signs and signs of passion and fervor that our libertarian history causes, “it is not that one was looking for, but that one was obtained” he said with his investigative drive.

His concern in understanding the policy that led the nation began by making comparisons of the Venezuelan historical past with its present, so he was able to envision the future that would await Venezuela due to the elitist governance that governed the country’s politics. A qualitative leap undertaken from the Military Academy, would later be the helm of the emancipation of a people who decided to walk the path of freedom.

Today the Venezuelan people, together with their Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), celebrate the 48th anniversary of Chávez’s discharge as an officer of the Bolivarian Army. A black and white graphic, described by him as a blue uniform, remained forever as an anecdotal quote from a man in love with the military career and with the country itself.

Hugo Chávez eliminated the line that separated the military institution from the people, “before we were the Armed Forces as a caste, separated from the people (…), it was another world. Now this – Fuerte Tiuna – is open to the people, it belongs to the people”.

The Civic-Military union, which was led by Simón Bolívar to liberate our land from the Spanish empire; Now it belongs to the Bolivarian soldiers and the people thanks to the ideological referent of Hugo Chávez and his passage through the House of Blue Dreams, reported the Presidential Press.

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