Maduro: Integral Defense Regions must be impregnable

Maduro: Integral Defense Regions must be impregnable

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, ordered this Thursday that the Integral Defense Regions (REDI) have to make a greater effort because they are eight impregnable regions of the Homeland capable of fighting dissolving forces, terrorist forces and, if were the case, to the imperialist forces.

During the celebration of the 17th Anniversary of the Operational Strategic Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb), the Head of State recalled that Venezuela has 28 Comprehensive Defense Operational Zones (ZODI) and 8 Strategic Regions, while noting that “we have a single armed force united with a vision of the Republic.”

He emphasized that Venezuela has an armed military force fighting the Armed Terrorist Drug Traffickers of Colombia “Tancol”.

«In 2022 we have had several combat scenarios, we have fought in the plain, in the west, in the east and in the south. We are in the presence of an armed military force throughout the territory fighting the Tancol”, he stated.

“We are in defense of the national territory and in each combat we are perfecting the strategic method of defense of the Nation, the Bolivarian military doctrine, the tactical method of revolutionary resistance,” he asserted.

Military exercises Gran Cacique Manaure

During the celebration of the 17th anniversary of Ceofanb, the Dignitary authorized the execution of the Gran Cacique Manaure military exercises in the Paraguaná Peninsula, Falcón.

This demonstration, under the command of M/G José Moreno Martínez, second commander of the CEOFANB, from the state of Falcón is carried out with the aim of guaranteeing national independence and sovereignty, as well as ensuring the integrity of the geographical and spatial space, through a military offensive trained and qualified to carry out these operations.

President Maduro stressed that this exercise demonstrates the capacity for popular military action to defend the territory and coasts of the “Tancols.” “We have taken over the entire Paraguaná Peninsula with this security exercise.”

Maduro warned that the nautical corridor, which is formed between the Paraguaná peninsula; the islands of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire are being taken over by drug traffickers, but the affective and rapid action of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, each day further reduce their criminal actions in the region.

He explained that the Paraguaná area is a highly strategic place. In this sense, he commented: “While in Adícora, I personally received from the town, the report of the threats, dangers and enemy movements, of the Colombian Terrorists, Assassins and Drug Traffickers (TANCOL), who sail to Cabo San Román”.

In this sense, he called on the governments of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire to establish joint coordination to prevent Colombian drug trafficking to Europe.

On the other hand, the President ordered the creation of tourism and recreation areas for the great military family between Adícora and Cabo San Román.

  • Maduro: Integral Defense Regions must be impregnable
  • Maduro: Integral Defense Regions must be impregnable
  • Maduro: Integral Defense Regions must be impregnable

Military Bases in Paraguana Peninsula

President Maduro ordered this Thursday the installation of military bases in the territory of the Paraguaná Peninsula, located in the state of Falcón “in a new concept that consolidates the integration of the population and the surveillance capacity.”

Maduro specified that the military bases will operate up to Cabo San Román, under a scheme of territorial occupation and deployment of the armed reaction in the context of the expulsion maneuvers of the “Tancol” groups.

Likewise, it instructed to evaluate the entry into operation of an Economic Zone directed jointly by the Ministries of Popular Power for Defense and; for Tourism, headed by G/J Vladimir Padrino López and Alí Padrón, respectively.

“Study a large Economic Zone where some inns, rest areas and hotels can govern, get to work on it because it is about military occupation, but the most important is the population, territorial, economic so that this is a prosperous zone, of economy, tourist with beaches without comparison”, he detailed.

The Paraguaná Peninsula is the territory of Operation “Gran Cacique Manaure”, whose first results show the destruction of 27 clandestine landing strips, the seizure of 2,400 kilograms of drugs (marijuana) and the detection of a seven-engine boat used for the transfer of drugs.

Maduro: Integral Defense Regions must be impregnable
The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro from the Strategic Operational Command of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Ceofanb). Photo: Presidential Press

Peace plan in Colombia

On another topic, the Commander in Chief of the Fanb informed that Venezuela and Colombia would evaluate the total Peace Plan for the 2,219 kilometers of border.

The national president celebrated the call for total peace made by his Colombian counterpart, Gustavo Petro, in recent days.

“The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, has called for the construction of total peace in Colombia and we, from Venezuela, applaud and support the call for total peace in Colombia,” he congratulated.

For this reason, Maduro ordered General in Chief Vladimir Padrino López, General in Chief, Domingo Hernández Lares that all border posts, under the direction of Ceofanb, contact the Colombian military and police forces, to make the Total Peace Plan of the 2,219 km of border with “our sister and dear Colombia”.

He stressed that the total peace of Colombia is peace, harmony and happiness for Venezuela, as well as extended his support for the construction of that peace with the sister country.

Official decorations of Ceofanb

The also Commander-in-Chief of the Fanb awarded the Ceofanb Cross decoration in its first class to the military personnel who occupied the first three places in the International Army Games 2022.

“This decoration, this medal, which represents the Operational Strategic Command, and which you wear today on your chest, is the greatest recognition of the outstanding work you have had in the sphere of combat against the enemies of the country, for security, territorial integrity, of our spaces, air, land, outstanding work to carry the tricolor high, “said President Maduro.

The officials who received the decoration achieved the first three places in the category of: Military personnel “Wounded in combat”; Military personnel in the “Derribamiento Tancol” and Military personnel who participated in the “Relámpago del Catatumbo”.

In the activity, Maduro reviewed all the doctrinal elements and operational strategies for the permanent exercise of all the country’s sovereignty.

“We are here reviewing all the doctrinal, strategic, and operational elements of what should be the permanent exercise of sovereignty, surveillance, patrolling, and deployment throughout the country,” Maduro stressed.

Maduro: Integral Defense Regions must be impregnable
The Commander in Chief of the Fanb, Nicolás Maduro shakes the hands of the decorated officers of the Ceofanb. Photo: Presidential Press

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