Maduro: In Venezuela they want to launch a campaign of fratricidal confrontation

Maduro: In Venezuela they want to launch a campaign of fratricidal confrontation

During the ceremony for the 2023 Simón Bolívar National Journalism Award, President Nicolás Maduro denounced the existence of an alleged confrontational campaign in Venezuela. He stressed that for the country, “it would be a leap back to return to the times of physical confrontations, intolerance and exclusion

This Tuesday, June 27, the president Nicolas Maduro denounced that “a campaign of fratricidal confrontation between Venezuelans and Venezuelans wants to be raised in Venezuela once again,” and urged citizens, particularly social communicators, not to allow fascism “to poison social life again , cultural or communicational of Venezuela”.

“A story has been fed, a narrative against the country, fueled by daily manipulation and permanent lies from those who from within never tire of sowing hatred, intolerance, confrontation, lies, manipulation, desires for revenge,” said the president.

Maduro assured that, four weeks ago, the president of Brazil, Ignazio Lula Da Silva, told him that “from Venezuela and against Venezuela a story has been raised, a narrative against our country, fueled by daily manipulation and permanent lies, from those who from within they do not tire of sowing hatred ».

He stressed that, during the South American Summit that took place in early June in that country, President Lula Da Silva “had the courage to express all those days” during the press conferences.

«80% of the (poisoned) questions that they asked Lula were about Venezuela, with the story that Venezuela is an atrocious dictatorship, that there is no freedom of expression, that there are no public liberties, that there are thousands of political prisoners , the tortures; the story that the media have commissioned,” said the president.

Likewise, he urged social communicators not to allow “the fratricidal and sterile confrontation, the soul, the spirit and the mind of Venezuelans. Let’s not allow fascism to poison the social, cultural and communication life of Venezuela again.

Regarding the delivery of awards for Journalist’s Day, the president indicated that for Journalist’s Day they delivered various awards such as: print, radio, television, graphic image, opinion, and culture awards, among others.

He highlighted that this year new awards were incorporated such as the digital journalism award, on Facebook, on Instagram, the journalism award on TikTok, YouTube and the journalism award on Podcast

Likewise, the ruler urged the media to “join efforts in the consolidation of three lines of action:”Protect the right to peace and love for the Fatherland, defense of democracy, a line of communication and debate and one to investigate, know and disseminate the affirmative Venezuelan, emphasizing the values ​​that characterize the new Venezuela”.

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