Maduro fears the opposition victory in presidential elections: they will destroy the People’s Power

Henrique Capriles Radonski was the main person pointed out by Nicolás Maduro during a commemorative act for the 12 years of the existence of the Great Housing Mission Venezuela, warning potential voters for the presidential elections that he was a failure as governor

Like a grandfather warning a child to “be careful with Coco”, Nicolás Maduro warns his supporters about the “misfortunes” that would occur if an opposition candidate won the presidential elections scheduled for 2024.

During a commemorative act for the 12th anniversary of the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV)Maduro emphasized discrediting opposition leaders who are trying to organize a primary process to select a unitary candidate to face him in next year’s presidential elections.

In this sense, he warned the Miranda population to whom he was addressing the speech from a residential complex delivered as part of the GMVV, that an opposition president would disrespect the mission created by the late President Hugo Chávez and would destroy Popular Power.

«Do you think that if any right-wing candidate were to become president of the Republic, they would keep Popular Power active? Would he respect Popular Power? What would they maintain the Housing Mission? What would they continue to build houses? They would come to destroy the Popular Power», he affirmed.

The president pointed out that this hypothetical president of the current opposition would put an end to the structures created by Chavismo, threatening popular positions such as community leaders, street leaders and the Hugo Chávez Battle Units (UBCH).

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He also referred specifically to Henrique Capriles Radonski, who is emerging as one of the main names in the range of opposition options for the primaries despite his political disqualification. The Chavista leader, together with the current governor of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez, criticized the management of the former governor of that state in 10 years of management.

“Now Capriles wants to be a presidential candidate. There is Capriles, a total failure as governor, “he stressed.

He argued that opposition candidates promote “false offers” in their electoral campaigns, resorting to demagogy and “politicking.”

«The right-wing candidates launch false offers to deceive the people. They use politicking, demagogy. Before (in the so-called IV Republic) they preferred to keep the people in ignorance, in the dark, without education. For what? To master it », he insisted.

During the recorded act that he led in a Mirandino community, he presented the delivery of homes in different locations and highlighted the beneficiaries from Las Tejerías, a city that suffered a landslide in the middle of last year that produced hundreds of victims.

In contrast to Maduro’s celebration for the 12 years of the GMVV, in As it is A special was published in which the insecurities, failures and administrative problems that prevail in the Chavista project are denounced: 12 years of the Great Housing Mission: unsafe constructions, failures and without ownership.

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