Illegal sale of land in Costa de Oro: two lawyers among the eight convicted

Illegal sale of land in Costa de Oro: two lawyers among the eight convicted

The Justice convicted eight members of an organization that sold land that already had an owner on the Gold Coast (Canelones) for association to commit a crime and fraud, sources from the Prosecutor’s Office reported.

The sentences received by the members range from 18 months in prison to three years. In some cases, the effective prison sentence is combined with total or partial house arrest. All sentences include probation, fixing residence, not leaving the country and community work.

One of the two lawyers who are part of this organization was sentenced to three yearsof which one year is effective prison and the other two of probation.

The other lawyer who participated in the maneuver was sentenced to 20 months, of which 10 months will be in effective prison and the other 10 of probation. In addition, the Supreme Court of Justice could suspend both professionals.

The case was investigated by the Atlántida First Shift Prosecutor Tania Vidalwho found eight people involved: five women and three men. The other convicts – who are not the lawyers – had sentences ranging from eight months of probation to two years in effective prison.

According to comments from the Prosecutor’s Office, this organization sold land that already had an owner and presented to the “trusted scribes”to carry out the procedures, who charged a “quite cheap price”.

Members searched for unmaintained land to fence it off, mow the grass, and then sell it. In some cases they said that these lands had been in their possession for four years, but they had them for a few weeks.

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