Machado confirms that she is not willing to negotiate a “cohabitation” with Chavismo

Regarding the opposition primaries, María Corina Machado insisted that she does not agree with the participation of the National Electoral Council (CNE) as the entity that organizes the process

The presidential candidate María Corina Machado made it clear that, in a context in which she takes over the Executive Branch, she would not be willing to enter into a negotiation with Chavismo to structure a cohabitation plan with their leaders, but would instead discuss her “exit”. in a progressive transition.

This was clarified by the political leader herself in an interview for Radio Courseswhen affirming that he is against any form of permanence of the Chavista leadership in spaces of Venezuelan power, for which reason he would use his efforts negotiating with them for their departure.

«I am willing to negotiate for the exit, but not for the meeting. I am not willing to negotiate the cohabitation and permanence of these individuals in power. Yes, I would participate in a serious negotiation for the transition to democracy,” she stressed.

For the national coordinator of Vente Venezuela, the hypothetical negotiation must be generated from a position of strength with which the other side is equaled or surpassed, which is why the organization for the primaries that the opposition will hold in October is important. to consolidate a single force that can confront Chavismo.

Regarding the primaries, he insisted that he does not agree with the participation of the National Electoral Council (CNE) as the entity that organizes the process, considering that it is controlled by Chavismo and that the opposition contest must be a process of and for the voters. opponents.

«The regime has a deep degree of control of the Electoral Registry, of the machines, the fingerprint scanners, propaganda and even mobility. That is why we have insisted that the primary must be a space in which citizens give us a process from the people and for the people, “he stressed.

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Regarding the possibility of dispensing with the use of fingerprint scanners and technical assistance from the CNE, Machado has always been in favor of manual voting, a process that this same Friday, May 26, was not very successful in the elections for authorities of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), which had to be suspended and rescheduled due to various inconveniences during the day.

The political leader considers that “there are people who do not want manual voting to be successful.”

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