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MA authorities met with deputies from the European Union

On Tuesday, September 20, in the Executive Tower, a meeting between authorities from the Ministry of the Environment (MA) and a delegation of deputies from the European Union for relations with Mercosur, where issues on the national and global agenda were addressed, linked to sustainable development, production and climate change. The ambassador of the European Union in Uruguay, Paolo Berizzi, also participated in the meeting.

At the opening of the meeting, Minister Adrián Peña said: “The creation of the Ministry of the Environment is an institutional leap for Uruguay and we intend that high-level decisions incorporate the environmental component.”

Climate change was one of the central themes of the meeting, “we have made great progress in mitigation, we need to work much more on adaptation and that requires resources,” explained Peña.

In his presentation he added that “the great challenge for Uruguay is to reconcile its role as a food producing country, in balance with the preservation of natural resources (…) Position itself as a sustainable producing country, measure and scientifically prove that it is, there it is. the challenge”.

Subsequently, the European legislators consulted on the environmental policies developed at the national and regional levels, going through issues related to sustainable production, adaptation to climate change, renewable energies, sustainable mobility, environmental certifications, among others.

One of the EU deputies, Jordi Cañas, referred to the need to strengthen institutional relations, “we have to be able to generate global alliances to address global problems, and incorporate sustainability as a fact”.

The delegation from the European Parliament underlined the advantages that the association agreement between the European Union and Mercosur would bring, also in terms of environmental protection.

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