Akira Toriyama, what have you done with Dragon Ball?

Akira Toriyama, what have you done with Dragon Ball?

dragon ball It represents the childhood of almost all of us who were children in the Dominican Republic during the 90’s and the beginning of the new millennium (which again has nothing).

Unforgettable were the adventures of little Goku, who was a lonely boy who lived in the inhospitable mountains and who would later run into a teenage Bulma, who was an explorer who was eagerly searching for the so-called Dragon Balls, which granted a wish to everyone. to find all seven.

dragon ball

After that encounter, everything would be history!

Throughout the first saga of Akira Toriyama, creator of the Dragon Ball world, Goku and Bulma would be joined by Krillin, Yamcha, Master Rochi, Ten Shin Han and Chaos. They would also face powerful enemies such as the mercenary Tao Pai Pai, the Red Patrol and the fearsome Picoro Daimacu.

Dragon Ball Z

But if the saga of Goku as a child would fascinate us all; We couldn’t imagine that the next part (and him being an adult) would fan us like no other cartoon.

The saga of the sayayines were so popular that even adults came to tune in to them in a disciplined way.

I remember that the rating of the channel that transmitted it was so high that, at a time when extended blackouts were our daily bread and investors were almost a luxury, the half-hour broadcast of the cartoon seemed to be the only sacred moment for the electric generators of that time, since the light never went out at the time it was transmitted.

Akira Toriyama, what have you done with Dragon Ball?
Dragon Ball Z

And believe me I’m not exaggerating, because a batch of transmission was not enough; so the channel that showed the cartoon ruled that the afternoon episode be repeated at night so that those who had not been able to tune in could do so at night. I tell you it was crazy.

Dragon Ball Z had cruder scenes, the music gave off tension due to the suspense of its compositions and bloodshed was not a taboo subject; despite the fact that the audience was especially for children.

Incredibly, the controversy that was generated was not because of the strong scenes but because of the subliminal messages (and also the obvious messages) that could be interpreted in the cartoon. And it is that there was no lack of religious who branded Dragon Ball as being satanic and diabolical.

That sequel gifted us with villains-turned-goodies such as Piccolo, Vegeta, and Obese Majin Buu; but it also gave us irreconcilable villains like Frieza, Cell, and Buu.

But all good things come to an end…

I called Dragon Ball GT “the beginning of the end”. And although it was not produced by its creator Akira Toriyama, that saga began to take away the quality of the cartoon… it was the end of good stories, perfect music and excellent dialogues.

Akira Toriyama, what have you done with Dragon Ball?
Dragon Ball GT

It was the end of the age without sentience and the beginning or prelude to the “crystal generation.”

In this part we suffer the absurdity of seeing Goku become a child again due to a failed wish made to the Dragon Balls. So, so that the planet Earth does not explode, he decided together with Trunks and Pan to gather the seven spheres of the universe.

Long months of boredom collided with the first great villain of that saga, the mutant Beby, who gave a little encouragement (although not much). Next would come the boring Super Android 17 and the childish evil dragons.

The little creativity

After a long hiatus and a generational change, Akira Toriyama decided to resume the series and ignore the childish Dragon Bal GT to release Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super did nothing but focus on a universal martial arts tournament; a way to revive the classic tournaments that gave us so much joy during the first saga of this cartoon, only now it would bring together the most powerful fighters from the different universes.

Akira Toriyama, what have you done with Dragon Ball?
Jiren and Goku during a battle in Dragon Ball Super

Creativity was nil. Frieza was rescued from the dark side and placed next to Android 17 (another blessed) and Goku to face the most fearsome rival: a certain Jiren.

Jiren is the main villain with the least personality and creativity ever thought. He does not have extraordinary features and they give him powers that any other character (if Akira had wanted) would also have.

Does not arouse passions. There is not a hint of dynamism or empathy with his way of being, with his history. In short, android 17 shone brighter than anyone else; and it is because he has been undervalued by Akira Toriyama, to the point that he sometimes throws him into oblivion.

dragon ball super hero

Last night I saw Dragon Ball Super Hero, Akira Toriyama’s new invention.

I will not give spoilers; I will just summarize my impressions on it. Simply put, this cartoon is not even a shadow of its former self. Last night I thought I was at the movies watching the Teletubbies, Bob Construye or Barney the bear.

Akira Toriyama, what have you done with Dragon Ball?
Dragon Ball Super Hero 2022

If Dragon Ball GT was childish, Dragon Ball Super Hero is for newborns. In one of the fights between Piccolo and one of the new androids of the resurrected Red Patrol, even onomatopoeias were placed on him (as in the times of the Batman cartoons).

Goku and Vegeta are in love with Beerus and Whis, and now the club has been joined by the once fearsome Broly (now he seems like a big guy with no personality).

Gentlemen, you will say that I am getting old; but it is not. It’s not that.

It’s that the Piccolo of today is given stuffed animals and talks on a cell phone in the form of a cat, and literally… they have him as a babysitter. And Vegeta and Broly have him wincing like 12-year-olds.

Concho Akira Toriyama, not like that… what have you done with Dragon Ball?

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