Lula says the state needs to invest to diversify the economy

Lula says the state needs to invest to diversify the economy

The PT candidate for the presidency, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said today (14th) that he intends to make government investments to induce the diversification of the economy. “We are going to put resources to leverage a new development model in this country that takes into account the creativity of the human being”, he said when speaking at an event that brought together representatives of cooperatives from all over the country in the capital of São Paulo.Lula says the state needs to invest to diversify the economy

According to Lula, it is necessary to support activities and forms of organization that are capable of offering work opportunities to the population. “We have to believe in other forms of organization. And the State has to be ready to create the conditions for these things to work out, otherwise we will not generate employment to occupy this immense majority of young people who graduate, who study and want to enter the job market and do not have opportunity”.

This new position of the State is necessary, in the candidate’s view, in a scenario where rapid technological changes are wiping out many jobs in traditional economic activities. “Technological advances no longer create jobs for us. They generate more productivity, more wealth, productive capacity, more conditions to earn money and accumulate in the hands of one person, reducing the number of people who did manual work”, he said.

In this context, Lula believes that, without government intervention, it will not be possible to create alternatives that absorb this workforce. “The state will have to have a new role. We will have to discuss what is the role of the State to guarantee employment”.

Work that, according to Lula, should allow families to have quality of life. “We need to discuss how we are going to create work for the Brazilian people. How are we going to create work for women and men who want to study, work and make sure they build families, have a home to live in and live a dignified life”.

Lula stressed that the role of the State is to provide conditions for the success of the undertakings made from the creativity and organization of society. “A cooperative can only succeed if it is the result of the conscience of the people who want to create the cooperative”, she exemplified. Then, he highlighted how the government, in his opinion, should act: “The role of the State is to, at the beginning, leverage, with financial resources, the first day to day of these people, so that they start to really produce, start to sell and start making the cooperative’s economy grow”.

Lula also said that he intends to recreate the Ministry of Agrarian Development, as well as the Culture, Micro Small Enterprises and Public Security portfolios.

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