Government announces coercive collection due to SOAT expiration

Government announces coercive collection due to SOAT expiration

Given the high evasion of the payment of the Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT), which led several insurers to contemplate not marketing this insurance anymore, the transport minister, Guillermo Reyes, announced that will be taken measures for vehicle owners to purchase this document.

“So be it by crook, vehicle owners will be forced to to have this insurance to carry out different procedures,” said the minister.

Likewise, Reyes warned that, insurers will notify vehicle owners prior to expiration, and in case they don’t buy the policy, They will have to face a coercive collection process. Similary to which the Dian advances with taxpayers who do not meet their tax obligations.

Currently it is possible to let the policy expire and this is not carries no penaltyas long as the vehicle don’t walk the streets. In case it is surprised by a traffic agent circulating without the document, the car or motorcycle must be immobilized and the offender must pay a traffic comparison.

The Government’s announcement thus implies that, In no case can the policy be expired, even if the vehicle is stored and do not travel through the streets of the country. Well, if it expires, there would be room for a economic sanction and a coercive collection process.

In this sense, the minister announced that the way to implement a mechanism to verify the place of issuance of the SOAT is being analyzed. Also considered is the installation of cameras that detect through vehicle license plates, Yes whether or not you have compulsory insurance.

“We are going to assume the task of not only making Colombians aware so that they comply with the SOAT payment, We are going to tighten them, not only to carry out any procedure in transit, we are going to request the SOAT, but also notification will be sent to them so that they can be updated”.

The minister recalled that “we have two serious problems regarding SOAT the first of which is that vehicle owners do not pay for this insurance, which is defunding the system, generating the problem that we have now, and that insurance companies don’t want to issue this insurance.

Finally, the official added that “We are going to work hard so that Colombians are obliged to comply with this paymentThis is an issue of conscience because people’s lives are being put at risk.”

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