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Lula: it is necessary to adapt schools to encourage sports practice

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Lula: it is necessary to adapt schools to encourage sports practice

The PT candidate for the presidency, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said today (27) that it is necessary to adapt the structure of schools in the country to encourage the practice of sports by young people. “We are going to have to change the concept of our schools. It is necessary to make a revolution in Brazilian architecture. Because all Brazilian schools have the same standard: it’s a pile of concrete, preferably vertical, with a basketball or indoor soccer square without a net”, he said when participating in a meeting with communicators, athletes and members of organized supporters in a hotel in São Paulo.

For Lula, it is important that schools are able to offer alternatives beyond the classroom. “In other words, the school has to be a multifunctional instrument. You have to have a lot of possibilities for kids at the age that they can learn any kind of sport,” she added.

With these changes, the candidate believes that schools can even help fill the lack of spaces for exercise and leisure in cities. “A boy in a small or medium town doesn’t have a public swimming pool. The football fields, for the most part, are owned by private teams that surround them and the kids cannot enter”, he exemplified.

The implementation of this new model depends, according to the candidate, on policies that integrate the three spheres of government. “It is necessary that the State and the federated entities-Union, states and municipalities agree that we need to change the pattern so that we can believe in the practice of sport”, he emphasized.

The candidate also pointed out that this type of investment, to encourage sports in a broad way, must necessarily come from governments. “No business owner, no matter how progressive, is going to invest in an athlete before that athlete proves he can make a financial return,” he said.

This type of policy should, according to Lula, also be understood as an investment in health and quality of life. “First, we need to think of sport as an instrument to take care of the health of a part of our society. As a thing that guarantees the safety and training of the human being,” she said.

The changes in the structure of the schools are also in line with the candidate’s proposal to expand full-time education. “We now want to do full-time schooling. How are you going to keep a child full-time in a school of reinforced concrete, where there isn’t a tree, a block, nothing. It’s almost like a prison.”

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