INDH meets with President Boric and points to a “relationship of critical collaboration” with the Government in the matter of DD.HH.

The President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, met with the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH). In the instance, which takes place every year, they addressed issues that are “of special or main concern for the council on Human Rights in the country.”

This was communicated by the director of the organization, Consuelo Contreras, who stated that they talked about the “violation of human rights during the social outbreak, and how to work on a comprehensive reparation plan for victims of human rights violations. “

Along these lines, they discussed the reform of the police, so that “they can carry out their actions in accordance with international standards,” for which they proposed that “the use of force by the police be governed by law, and not only by protocols”.

Despite the fact that there is still no clear date for the reform, he stated that the Executive “accepted all the concerns that we have, we are going to start coordinating now with the different bodies in charge of these issues, after this meeting we are going to start having meetings with the different ministers, ministers and undersecretaries”.

“What we have proposed is that we are going to have a collaborative relationship, the INDH is an autonomous body of the State that must indicate when there is a violation of Human Rights, but it must also deliver the guidelines and deliver the standards so that things are do in accordance with human rights, therefore, it is a relationship of collaboration, of critical collaboration, we could say,” said Contreras.

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