Luis Robles

Luis Robles confirms that he was beaten and subjected to isolation in the Combinado del Este

Havana Cuba. – This Friday, April 29, CubaNet learned new details about the altercation that triggered the most recent retaliation against the prisoner of conscience Luis Robles Elizástigui in the Combinado del Este penitentiary, the largest in the country, located in the island’s capital.

The incident occurred as a result of Landys Fernández Elizástigui, the brother of the political prisoner, bringing some shoes to the prison that the young man urgently needed. However, despite not having violated any prison rule, the re-education officer, a soldier known as Ramoncito, did not give him the shoes until a few days later, after the intervention of a superior officer to whom Robles transmitted the claim. .

The political prisoner points out that, in retaliation for his protests, he was beaten and subjected to isolation for several days. He adds that after taking him out of the punishment cell, the prison authorities threaten to take him to a “disciplinary court”, although he is not aware of what this measure consists of.

The young man points out that, although he had a bitter argument with the re-educator Ramoncito, the one who brutally beat him was a guard or officer nicknamed “El Maya.”

Robles Elizásigui was imprisoned on December 4, 2020 for circulating on the central boulevard of San Rafael with a poster asking for freedom and an end to repression. He was declared a prisoner of conscience by the non-governmental organization Prisoners Defenders in early January 2021.

The political prisoner, under provisional detention in the Combinado del Este for more than 12 months, was finally sentenced to five years in prison last March, as confirmed to CubaNet his brother, Landy Fernández Elizastigui.

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