Luis Paradela marks the history of Cuban soccer in Costa Rica

He soccer player Luis Paradela became the first player born in Cuba last Sunday to win a two-time championship in the history of Costa Rican soccer. The native of the municipality of Calimete, Matanzas, was decisive in the comeback of the Sporty Saprissa in view of alajuelensein the second leg of the grand final of the Closing Tournament of the Promérica League of that country.

In the first leg, played at the Estadio Morera Soto in Alajuelense, the purples had lost with a score of 0-1. In a game in which, certainly, the Cuban had not been fine. This forced those from San Juan de Tibás to win the second leg by a two-goal advantage. So it was.

Deportivo Saprissa, which is also the current champion of the Apertura Tournament, defeated its historic arch-rival by a score of 3-1, also winning the Clausura Tournament this season and thus becoming two-time champions of Tico soccer, something that no team had achieved in the last decade.

Luis Paradela scored the third goal, ultimately decisive, for the Tibaseños. The score came on a run from the right by Warren Madrigal, who sent a killer pass to Jabon East. However, the Jamaican striker smashed his shot off the post and, after the rebound, completely alone, it was Paradela who sent the ball away, putting it inside his right leg.

“I am super happy, super happy. This is Saprissa, don’t share anything. The key was in the confidence that the whole team had, which we went out to fight. We knew that this was ours and we had to go out and give it our all. Thank God the whole team turned out well and we were able to achieve success. We are two-time champions, it is something historic. My skin bristles. We wanted it, we fought for it and we got it”, declared the player from Yumur after the game, while the public invaded the pitch of the Ricardo Saprissa Stadium.

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