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Lugo remains stable after managing to control pharyngeal bleeding

Dr. Jorge Querey reported that the incident that affected Senator Fernando Lugo 48 hours ago, consisting of a small bleed in the pharynx, was controlled without major difficulties and complications.

Once this small incident was overcome, the process of “decomplexization” was restarted, which consists of the gradual withdrawal of medications, sedation and respiratory assistance received by the senator.

Likewise, Querey noted that Senator Lugo’s condition is still reserved, but very positive signs are observed in all his vital and organic functions, as well as in some neurological indicators to which the patient reacts positively.

He stated that it is important that it has been possible to restart this decomplexization process, which, as it occurs slowly and gradually, generally takes several days, until the total withdrawal of sedation and respiratory assistance is achieved.

He stressed that the medical team is satisfied with the goals achieved in the last 48 hours. and that the vital risk of Senator Lugo is far away today.

The entrance Lugo remains stable after managing to control pharyngeal bleeding was first published in diary TODAY.

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