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Lugo opens his eyes and responds favorably to his recovery

Hoy Paraguay

The police caught the criminal who assaulted a student from Ciudad del Este with a knife. He has a prolific police and judicial record. The degree of aggressiveness of the thug drew attention.

He is identified as Francisco Torelaes, who from the beginning of his robbery began to stab his victim, inflicting 8 wounds on various parts of the body, one of which pierced his lung.

The marginal has a prolific police record, they confirmed in the police entity.

The minor student was referred to the Regional Hospital of Ciudad del Este, where he was stabilized and is progressing favorably.

The interveners presume that the offender acted under the influence of drugs, judging by the criminal manner in which he executed his action.

According to medical specialists dedicated to addictive illnesses, crack users, for example, develop aggressive behaviors, almost criminals, without any guilt, once they reach a certain level of addiction.

Children and adolescents who begin to use crack constitute a social problem that the State does not take seriously, which is a ticking time bomb, according to psychiatry and psychology experts who understand the subject.

Francisco Torales, arrested after the assault on a student.

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