Lugo asks Salomón for "reciprocity" to chair the board of directors

Lugo asks Salomón for “reciprocity” to chair the board of directors

Óscar “Cachito” Salomón, president of the National Congress, acknowledged that Fernando Lugo, senator for the Guasu Front, requested an act of “reciprocity” from him, two years after his bench supported the appointment of Salomón, to preside over the board of directors in the next period.

The former president’s offer was that the board of directors be made up of himself as president (Fernando Lugo), Óscar Salomón as vice president and Hermelinda Alvarenga as second vice president.

He reported that, at the end of the ordinary session today, Thursday, the factions of the ruling party of the ANR and the Guasu Front will hold a meeting to define the path to follow.

“At some point we had 22 votes, at another time 21. The point is that no one has all 23. We are going to talk with friends. It is very difficult to give a number at the moment. I think it will be defined today in the afternoon”, she expressed.

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