LUC referendum: Colorados launch their campaign with an act in Atlántida

The Colorado Party will give the green light to its campaign in defense of Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC) with a act in atlantis that the sector leaders will lead this Sunday. The instance will be the kick off of a national tour where the Colorados will seek to show what, they consider, are the “positive effects” of the 135 articles that will be submitted to a referendum.

The event will take place at 7:00 p.m. in Plaza Artigas, in the heart of the Canarian resort, and will be preceded by a caravan organized from Montevideo. The speakers will be the general secretary of the party, Julio María Sanguinetti, in addition to Adrián Peña (as a reference for Ciudadanos), Tabaré Viera (Batllistas), Raúl Batlle (list 15), Gustavo Zubía (Third way) and Noemi Pulitano (from the Executive Committee Department of Canelones).

The deputy and coordinator of the Colorado campaign, Felipe Schipani, told The Observer that the launch will take place in “a strategic point” such as Atlántida so that people who are spending the summer on the coast come to accompany them. “It is an easily accessible place,” Schipani explained, alluding to the fact that militants from both Montevideo and Maldonado will be able to arrive.

In addition, the legislator admitted that the venue for the electoral kickoff was defined taking into account that in the metropolitan area it will be necessary to put “much more effort” during the campaign towards March 27, due to the electoral flow that the Broad Front concentrates in the capital and in Canelones.

Under the slogan of “Don’t stop the change”, the Colorados will seek to emphasize above all in matters of education, where the community feels a “private interest”, according to Schipani, for the responsibility of presiding over the National Administration of Public Education (Anep) that the former vice-presidential candidate and leader of Ciudadanos, Robert Silva, has. “We are very concerned that certain regulations that are the basis of the educational transformation process that is beginning will be repealed,” explained the deputy in that regard.

However, they will also emphasize the security because the effects of the law in this area “are undeniable” and because “it is evident” that the coalition’s standard norm “contributed” to the decline in the main crime figures, said the deputy.

The Colorados will seek to have his own imprint in the weeks that remain until March 27, in the midst of discomfort from some leaders due to the leading role of the National Party and the Executive Power in the development of the campaign. Last weekend, Zubía lamented the “hegemony” in leadership and decision-making, and lamented the “lack of responses” in this regard, through a publication on social networks.

The campaign coordinator defended that “the best scheme is for each party to have its own mobilization”, although areas of coordination are also envisaged. For the legislator “it is positive” that the partners are spreading out because one of the riches of the coalition is “diversity”. “Each one can give it a focus because we reach different audiences,” said Schipani.

After the launch in Atlántida, the colorados will make a tour of the interior that will continue on February 11 in San José. The party closure will be in the bastion colorado, Rivera, March 22nd. They will also propose “walks” and tours “door to door” by Montevideo Sundays. According to Schipani, the Colorado commando will seek to “converse” with the people and will propose to “disprove the falsehoods” that “are being promoted” by the Yes Commission.

In this sense, the legislator emphasized that those who proclaim the pink ballot are “weaving a fantasy” of “negative effects” that, in reality, the LUC is not generating.

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