LUC: A pink 5K on the boulevard and a light blue march on horseback in the Center

This Sunday there were several demonstrations in different parts of the country. Some to support the repeal of 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC) and others to maintain them. In Montevideo there were two great pink and light blue activities in the prior to the referendum on March 27: a race and a horseback ride.

On the Kibón boulevard, the 5K organized by the Commission for Yesin which more than 1,500 runners, according to the newspaper El País, wore pink shirts in support of the repeal of the articles.

The sports activity was organized to finance the campaign and to be able to afford the costs of printing flyers, ballots and advertising. Each registration cost $500. “The campaign belongs to the people and is financed by the people,” expressed the Broad Front on its Twitter account.

On horseback and in light blue

On the other hand, in support of the government and the LUC, 500 horsemenas reported to The Observer Senator Sebastián Da Silva, joined militants on foot and in cars and vans to march from the Prado to Plaza Independencia, where they gathered to hear a proclamation.

Militants from the National Party, the Open Cabildo, the Colorado Party and the Independent Party approached the square, as well as several members of the Executive Power, such as the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado or the Undersecretary of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Ignacio Buffa.

This activity was organized by a group of self-convened and it was replicated in several departmental capitals.

On their way, the riders passed by the presidential residence of Suárez and Reyes and were greeted by President Luis Lacalle Pou.

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